Frizz 1.2 Filete + Imperador

Colors Available
  • Height
    Painel: 1360 mm | Bancada: 460 mm
  • Width
    Painel: 1200mm | Bancada: 1200 mm
  • Depth
    Painel: 240 mm | Bancada: 240 mm
  • Dimensions of the TV
    50 polegadas
There are furniture that can make all the difference, the Panel Emperor brings two spots of led light that conveys warmth to your environment. Its size and availability in Buriti / Off White colors make it a versatile panel that can be used in different residential and corporate environments. This panel accompanies Brizada Frizz 1.2 that is pure elegance and modernity, can be installed suspended or with feet, that can be toothpick in the natural color and also with the foot of iron. It has as sliding door differential with internal shelves, with exclusive and exquisite design, which provides a special charm for this bench. Produced in MDP with perfect U.V. finish, it guarantees better durability and resistance to the furniture. It even has room for TV up to 50. It's really lovely!
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